1Bruno Coeur is Mr. France's legendary pastry chef's name, he inherited one in Burgundy, France Bourgogne the plug-EN-Auxois the city of Semur-en-Auxois) 150-year history of the bakery, called: Les Semurettes it.
For over 100 years, this town on top of the bakery has been providing the town residents with the most traditional of conscience the quality of bread, coffee, dessert; the store is even still in use in 1900 of the food mold;
Bruno Coeur, Mr. with more than 30 years of experience, extensive overseas work experience, adhere to the French dining tradition and quality. Les Semurettes is still the Bourgogne region's most popular and respected shops.
2016 fuhwa commercial Group's Bruno restaurant management(Beijing)Co., Ltd. and Bruno Coeur Mr. signed a cooperation agreement, determined to be the most traditional French high quality breads, desserts, the introduction of China, combined with boutique coffee, fresh light salad to create belongs to the Chinese coffee chain brand.

1 Bruno restaurant management(Beijing)Co., Ltd.
1 subordinate to the covering Chinese business group. We specialize in boutique coffee; French bread, and dessert; a pollution-free healthy light snacks three product areas, derived from the French for Bruno Caffe is exactly what we, so that more high-net-worth consumers to experience our products to the chain restaurant platform. Leading natural, fresh, healthy eating trends, to create a high quality urban life and culture space is our goal

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