Bruno Caffe
Bruno was born in France, Burgundy, Bordeaux-EN-Auxois the town of Semur-EN-Auxois, a company with a 150-year history of coffee forest Semurettes it.
Bruno Chapelle, g-this legendary store, the fourth generation heir, in the local respected. Years, this store has been for residents of the city provide most of the traditional conscience-quality coffee, bread, desserts, snacks I.
2016, fuhwa commercial management of the restaurant Bruno(Beijing)co., Ltd. LTD. and Bruno Chapelle-N signed a cooperation agreement, this cafe is more than 150 years of splendor in Chinese continued.
The legacy of French craftsmanship at this boutique coffee, French roast, fresh salad, easy healthy snacks, freshly squeezed juices and other products from new Assembly Bruno cafe was born.
2016 Christmas Bruno cafe Beijing first store from floor to ceiling, green colorful city, 2017 3 may 31, Bruno's café settled Kai Hao Beijing. 2017 4 may 20, Bruno cafe Bogis store building was completed.
The history of the development
For 5 months in Beijing, opened the three cafes. Not always the cafe was called Bruno. In fact, we have"the story of a young café", behind the many stories that are fraught with many legends. Our story began in 1886 in France, but starting in 2016, and we are growing in Beijing. We firmly believe that passion, hard work, persistence and consistency help us to make good coffee, light meals and quality service to our guests. As a result, we get guests who blossom from the inside out and become better! And we always continue to work on that!

Join advantage
1. Three-dimensional business model.
All-Weather product line, supporting online, offline, three-dimensional sales system to achieve profitable hassle-free

2."Butler-style"Operations Management
Store Operations Management Team output, power store professional management

3. Materials and supply chain
The origin of coffee, quality and price and material procurement and supply, the Group's convenience retail system

4. Customized products
Composite product line, tailored, customized free portfolio, professional focus lock the target customers...

5. Professional team support
A formal, systematic, group the headquarters of the professional team, the brand development, store management

6. Financial support
Cooperation, entrepreneurship and diverse group of financial support, the assistant

Join us
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