High quality coffee
Pure Arabica, each bean from the country of origin traceability
Omni-channel the coffee supply chain, exclusive cooperation of the coffee estates
Certified Barista exclusive fresh-baked, leading the third wave of coffee culture
Professional coffee evaluation, experiential coffee salon and professional training
French pastries
Bruno Coeur, Mr. any product General Counsel
Perfect heritage of French traditional bread, desserts, craft.
Rigorous control of ingredients quality, guarantee that all products core quality.
Fresh, nutritious, healthy and delicious
Fresh salad
Traceable pollution-free ingredients
Homemade salad sauce to give you more options
Highlight the ingredients, the taste, the greatest extent of"natural"processing, reducing human factors
Healthy and light food
Gelato is the Italian handmade ice-cream, derived from milk production.
The palate is silky, delicate, flavor rich.
A variety of flavors, a variety of fruits, dried fruits perfect combination.
Fresh juice
Seasonal fresh high quality fruits and vegetables as raw materials
Cooperation making pollution-free farm, to ensure full fresh
Speed freshly squeezed, to ensure the best taste at the same time The maximum degree of the release of feed nutrients
French mix and match philosophy, new juice, new experience
Lead a healthy lifestyle

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