Terms of cooperation
The accession process
Partner support
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Advantages of BRUNO CAFFE
Three-dimensional business model
The whole line of products. Support online, offline, three-dimensional sales system to achieve the objectives.
Supply products
A unified database of suppliers of products and services. Information support at all stages of cooperation
Products and logistics
Certified products, a single purchase price. Logistics is built on the smooth and prompt delivery at all points of sale.
Professional support service
A single management team and marketing Department.Phased technical support.
Financial support
Comprehensive business support from implementation to reporting.
The management company
Staff training, workshops, master classes, trainings.The catering staff.
Terms of cooperation BRUNO CAFFE
Adherence to corporate culture and standards
To have the experience of managing the franchise
To have a basic industry knowledge of the restaurant business.
Knowledge of legislation and civil liability.
The presence of Bank guarantees
Experience of introducing entrepreneurship and business.
Partner support BRUNO CAFFE
New stores location support
Rigorous market research, combined with professional marketing experience, from site selection and development for post-benign operations do good Foundation
Unified store image support
International professional design team to create the environment, we created the human and the natural harmony of the third social space
Personnel technical training support
A full range of professional training, from philosophy, theory to practice, professional skills and comprehensive operational skills, two-pronged approach.
Daily operation and management support
The headquarters operations team to track maintenance support, unscheduled tour of the shop supervisor; mystery customer survey system; to achieve accountability throughout the convoy.
New store planning Operations Support
With the straight camp shop the synchronization level of the marketing and Operations Support, first-line Brand of capability, a new brand of power
Internet coffee support
O2O community operations. Offline stores great service and product experience, combined with the Internet coffee items order distribution and online marketing, to create a coffee lifestyle e-Commerce platform.
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Positioned in the high net worth customer groups, leading the natural, fresh, healthy eating trends, to create a high quality of urban life cultural space. Join bruno caffe ,wealth creation more easily!
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